Jesse Watters Warns of “All-Out War” by Biden’s Alliance Against American People

 Fox News host Jesse Watters recently sounded the alarm on what he perceives as an imminent “all-out war” by President Biden’s alliance against the American people. Speaking on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Watters highlighted the tactics and strategies he believes will be employed by Biden’s coalition in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

Watters : Biden’s Alliance and Their Tactics

Watters described Biden’s alliance as consisting of politically correct individuals with coastal degrees, federal bureaucrats, members of the deep state, Big Tech, and the mainstream media. According to Watters, this coalition aims to run the upcoming election like a military campaign, utilizing tactics such as social shaming, threats to job security, and character assassination to suppress dissenting voices.

Symbolism of Capitol Fence and Crackdown

Watters pointed to the erection of a fence around the Capitol as a symbolic move by the Biden administration to stigmatize and marginalize those who oppose them. He criticized the decision to prioritize the protection of politicians over addressing issues such as border security, framing it as a means to justify a crackdown on dissent.

Moreover, Watters criticized the allocation of resources towards fortifying the Capitol while pressing issues such as border security remain unaddressed. He argued that the decision to erect a fence symbolizes a misplaced set of priorities, wherein the protection of politicians takes precedence over addressing the pressing needs of the nation. By framing the fence as a means to justify a crackdown on dissent, Watters portrayed it as a tool wielded by the administration to suppress dissenting voices and quash political opposition.

In Watters’ view, the symbolism of the Capitol fence serves as a stark reminder of the growing divide between the political elite and the electorate, with the former prioritizing their own safety and security at the expense of addressing the concerns of the latter. He cautioned against the normalization of such measures, warning that they could undermine the principles of democracy and civil liberties upon which the nation was founded.

Watters: The Battle for Hearts and Minds

Watters warned that Biden’s alliance will seek to manipulate public perception and sow doubt among the American people, aiming to separate them from their instincts and conscience. He emphasized the importance of staying strong and resilient in the face of relentless attacks and intimidation.

Watters warned that Biden’s alliance will not only employ tactics of social shaming and intimidation but also seek to manipulate public perception and sow doubt among the American people. He suggested that the alliance would use their influence in the media and technology sectors to control the narrative and shape public opinion in their favor. By fostering division and casting doubt on dissenting voices, they aim to weaken the resolve of those who oppose them. Watters emphasized the importance of staying strong and resilient in the face of these relentless attacks, urging Americans to remain steadfast in their convictions and unwavering in their commitment to upholding democratic values.

Watters: Focus on Character Assassination

In Watters’ view, the upcoming election will not be centered on policy debates but rather on character assassination and personal attacks. He predicted that the campaign will be characterized by viciousness and ugliness, with dissenting voices being targeted for destruction.

Watters highlighted the disturbing trend he sees emerging in the political landscape, where the focus has shifted away from substantive policy debates to relentless character assassination and personal attacks. He expressed concerns that the upcoming election will be marred by viciousness and ugliness, with dissenting voices facing targeted campaigns aimed at destroying their credibility and reputations. Watters lamented the erosion of civil discourse and the weaponization of smear tactics as a means to silence opposition and maintain power. He underscored the importance of vigilance in scrutinizing the integrity of political discourse and called for a return to constructive dialogue focused on addressing the pressing issues facing the nation.


As the 2024 election approaches, Jesse Watters urged Americans to brace themselves for what he believes will be the most brutal and divisive campaign in history. He emphasized the need for resilience and vigilance in the face of concerted efforts to suppress dissent and manipulate public opinion.