Bonn to host a climate change conference

Germany's Bonn will host a climate change conference on June 3–13 as part of the 60th session of the subsidiary bodies of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Events in Bonn include sessions on 'Linking the Technology Mechanism and the Climate Financial Mechanism', 'Annual Global Dialogue on Climate Stocktaking', 'Dialogue on Ocean and Climate Change', 'Dialogue on Climate Empowerment', and 'Dialogue on Children and Climate Change'.

Bonn will also host the 8th meeting of the Paris Capacity Building Committee (linked to the UN Paris Climate Agreement) and a total of about 20 events on the global climate agenda.

"The high-level events in Bonn were endorsed in March 2024 by the "Troika" of Climate Summit Presidents - the UAE (COP28, held in December 2023), Azerbaijan (COP29, to be held in November 2024 in Baku), and Brazil (COP30, in 2025)," the statement of the UNFCCC noted.

Particularly, Bonn will focus on the national contributions (NDCs) of countries to combat global warming.

Representatives of Azerbaijan will participate in all events in Bonn, as Baku will host COP29 on November 11–24.