Nigel Farage ‘can’t remember’ if Donald Trump has offered him a job

LONDON — Nigel Farage kept everyone guessing Monday over whether Donald Trump has offered him a job, amid speculation about the arch-Brexiteer’s political future.

Farage — the former Brexit Party leader and close ally of the U.S. presidential candidate — told a Q&A event with the Telegraph newspaper that a move to the U.S. to work with Trump to “get the Western world back on track” is one option he’s mulling.

But, asked directly if the U.S. presidential candidate has offered him a job, Farage said: “I can’t remember” — to laughter from the event’s audience.

Farage’s political future has been a long-running question in Westminster after he set up the populist Reform U.K. party in 2021 — before promptly leaving frontline politics for a lucrative career as a broadcaster and commentator.

But he has since hinted at a comeback several times, while Reform’s lesser-known leader Richard Tice regularly faces questions about a return for the party’s founder.

Pressed by the Telegraph on whether he will return to lead Reform — which only narrowly trails the flagging Conservatives in recent opinion polls — Farage said he has three options ahead of him.

“One of them is stick to what I’m doing, I’m enjoying what I’m doing,” Farage said, pointing to his work as a presenter on the right-wing GB News channel and his other side hustles.

“Staying as I am is a very clear option. Going to America, working with Trump to try and get the Western world back on track is clearly a very attractive option,” Farage said. He listed his third option as a political comeback in the U.K.

Farage has been a friend and ally of Trump for some time, and has interviewed the former president — soft-ball style — on several occasions. The U.K.’s most prominent Brexiteer has said he would happily serve as Britain’s ambassador to the U.S. under a Trump presidency.

Trump has returned the favor by praising Farage — describing him as a “handsome guy” at a campaign rally in Iowa in January. He even sent a video message for Farage’s lavish 60th birthday celebration in London last week, congratulating the Brexiteer on a “truly remarkable sixty years on Earth.”

Speaking Monday, Farage continued the love-in, saying Trump’s “instincts on the big stuff are truly, truly remarkable” and insisting: “I very much expect him to win in November and as a result of that the world will become a safer place.”

Farage added: “Inside the Westminster bubble you’re all concerned about his foibles. Out where real people live nobody gives a damn.”